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I believe that language is one of our most valuable tools. The thing about language is that what we say or write represents ourselves and our thoughts to everyone else around us.

I am not the most politically correct person, I freely admit that. I love sarcasm and I enjoy listening to people spin words in creative ways, and I positively LOVE a good stream of foul language if it's something that someone needs to use to just get something out.

Language can also be one of the most vicious things in the world, and so many times people don't even realize that what they are saying is hurtful and/or simply don't care.

The word "retarded" has become a huge sore thumb to me. Every time I see it, read it, hear it, fire burns within me now. It didn't used to be this way, but years ago a friend of mine called me out on the usage and I've always remembered that. Any time that word may have slipped through my lips/fingers/THOUGHTS, I'm always transported back to when this lady told me how hurtful this word is to people, and I will remember that forever.

I never realized back then that the word would become so personal for me and my family, but it has. The sting I feel every time I see it and hear people that I'VE EVEN ASKED to stop using it in my presence, it drives me mad.

In the last few weeks I've seen it used in blogs or blog comments -- one even decided to throw in the caveat "Don't even bother getting all politically correct on me for using the word retarded, because I just don't care." This, while she was leaving a comment that was upset over someone relaying a story about breast cancer to the blog's author, that the blog's author was upset by. As in, "How could someone be so retarded as to leave an insensitive comment like that for you? Oh but don't get pissed that I've used the word retarded, I don't care."

That is not a direct quote -- I could go back and copy and paste it here but I'm too livid about it. But it wasn't just that. It has popped up lately in so many unsuspecting places and it can truly take me from being in a GOOD mood into a FRENZIED mood in less than a second.

I write this here, in hopes that people who are my friends will read this, and realize that it's simply not acceptable to use this word. The links above, those are for making a pledge, to spread the word to end the word. You can type in your pledge to help by stopping saying the word yourself. That's it. Not asking for donations, just your pledge to help by no longer using that word.

It makes a difference. It really does. People like me, who are personally affected whenever they see or hear this word -- we really don't care how you are using it. I had a friend get upset with me because I asked her not to use the word, because she had referred to her computer as being retarded. "It's not the same thing," she protested. "It's just a word, and I called my computer retarded, because it's being retarded."

Yeah. That's not something I've ever forgotten, either. Some of my more recent encounters are where a person is calling themselves retarded, and truly, that's no better. Use a thesaurus if you need to, to help you find other ways of expressing yourself.

I'm just frustrated, and I know that politically correct terms change all the time. I found out recently that calling my wheelchair-bound son "wheelchair bound" is politically incorrect. I didn't know this, and there's no way I would know unless someone told me. Now that someone has, I consider the message as being sent to me.

So, this is my message to you. To anyone who can read this post, whether I know you, whether I am friends with you, whether we are enemies in some way, whether you just stumbled upon this note by some sort of accident.

I AM TELLING YOU IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO USE THE WORD 'RETARDED'. Use something else. Use another word. And I hope, I sincerely hope, that if you DO continue to use the word retarded as a normal part of your vocabulary, that each time you do, you feel guilty about it -- just like I go back to thinking about when my friend told me it was unacceptable to use it -- and you think back to this. You think back to this, and know that there are so many people you are hurting when you use this word, and you may not even realize it.

My respect level for people plummet when I see/hear/read them use "the r-word". But my respect level for you will skyrocket if you can take what I've said here and take it to heart, and help change society by changing yourself and your view on this word.

So, do it. Visit http://r-word.org/ and take the pledge for yourself. Help stop the use of this hurtful word.

Thank you.


Jonas is having a rough go tonight. He has a wicked cold thanks to the yucky germs that keep passing between Annabella, Jonas and myself. The cold is also kicking my ass as well but I am ignoring that to help him right now.

My night has mostly been spent giving him chest therapy and using a nasal aspirator to suction out the back of his throat and nostrils! Fun fun fun! It is 5:21am now and I just turned my lamp off as I listen to him lightly rattle as he is trying to rest.

Annabella had come in earlier (which I had figured she would because jim turned her lamp off-- hello you idiot we are not at 24-hr daylight yet grrrrr) so Jim has been spared most of this as he left here hours ago to help the one with nightmares.

Hopefully he will help in the morning as my alarm is slated to ring in 1 hr 25 min and while he had nightmare girl due to being scared of the dark, I still suspect that he has the child who slept more on the night. Le sigh!

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I really need to post more

Well, I sure haven't been posting much! I did finally join facebook, which some of you know already. I am trying not to spam much on my personal facebook, as I did create a "fan page" for my shop, which is here: http://www.facebook.com/SoftnShiny?ref=nf

I can't remember how to cut entries so i will keep this brief, but I wanted to post a couple of pics of my newer stuff!

Peacock neon blue Apatite sterling silver necklace.

This is one I really want to keep for myself... I may have to make a second one!

Eco friendly 100% cotton spa sampler set. These are neat, the newest of the stuff I've been making. Every piece is available individually as well.

Chunky green onyx multi strand necklace. I am so in love with the green onyx right now!

Okay enough self pimping.

I've been insanely sick over the last while, it's really frustrating. between Jonas, Annabella and myself we keep passing a cold between all of us. Annabella was sick and missed school M-W this week, Jonas now has a cough and mine has grown into a full blown head cold. GAH.

i should write more. i am going to try and do that.

Please help if you can!

My daughter Annabella is fundraising for Jump Rope for Heart, for the Heart & Stroke foundation.

The sad part is, Annabella has been sick all week long, and we have not been able to go out and do the door-to-door thing to try and get some donations, and the May 2 deadline is approaching fast. I noticed on the forms that online donations are now available, so I helped her set up her page:

Annabella's Page

If you can help out at all, it would be greatly appreciated! It will provide you with a tax receipt when you donate online, if you donate $15 or more, but any and all help is needed!

Thank you!

Happy New Year!

This year, I am resolving to be resolution-free! They never seem to work out anyway, so maybe if I resolve to be resolution-free, the resolutions I would have made had I done so will actually work out in the end.

I'm hoping to have some success with my writing on a personal score during this new year; with the help of NaNoWriMo that has been possible without a doubt.

I'm hoping that my family has a healthy year; it was fantastic to mark 2009 as a year without any PICU time for Jonas, especially since he did have 1 month in hospital from his hip surgery. Another highlight is that we had ZERO medivacs in 2009! Yay!

I'm also hoping that I'll have some success with my shop at Artfire.com, Soft n' Shiny! It's a place I can showcase my handmade jewelry and knit/crochet goods. But in order to have success, I need to try and carve out more time for me to create items for the shop; that should be possible I think during this year! Click the image below to visit my shop!

All in all, just hoping for a good year. But I'm definitely trying out this business of staying resolution-free! I'd rather start this year off on a good note, a positive note and be eye-to-eye with the year at hand, knowing what I can achieve is possible and probable throughout the days that are spread out before me and attempt to fill them with productivity and prosperity and avoid regret!

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Cannot sleep!

I have been planning an order from an online bead store and for some reason this has me up. I have had little sleep tonight and in hopes that it will make me tired I am messing around with my iPod touch. Of course as soon as I do get drowsy I am sure that Jonas will wake up or something. Placed a few "to-do" items on my list; unfortunately each item will take a couple hours to complete so I do wonder just how useful the list will be in practice or if it will just serve to annoy me with it's existance!!

We shall see. In addition to the list of possible doom(or list of nagging annoyance), I would like to actually make a few more items to list in my artfire store and also contemplate whether or not I should bother with the Etsy counterpart. Hesitant about etsy because it seems extremely cliquish as well as expensive. My inability to take pictures of my stock in as beautiful of a manner as what I see when I surf there is also intimidating.

That reminds me, note to self & teilani we should get our cannon cameras sent in for that recall; that might help my photo-ineptness! Teehee! I'd better add that to my list-o-doom!

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Nano cut

I cut about 3,100 words from my nano story tonight so instead of being over the halfway mark I am sitting at around 23,500.

But as a few of you knew from my incessant bitching, I wanted to kill my characters because they were making me so very angry. By taking out that 3k (and yes I cut it into a seperate document, cheating with strikethrough was more annoying than I thought) and reworking a large chunk of the mess, I no longer want to write them a torturously painful death as my vengence upon them as their creator.

Now I simply loathe them a bit, which is a definite improvement!

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Thus far I've avoided being on facebook. I never really had a myspace (I had one but it was only created b/c of wanting to see some pics on a friend's myspace and they were protected or somesuch). I've always in some manner or another had my "online life" since about 1997 or so. My first ever online journal was from 1999 with Diaryland and so forth from there.

I'm unsure what my hesitancy truly is with facebook. I think I would love to have one to, for lack of a better word, organize and stay in contact with my various online friends. But I know if i go on there other people will find me, or I'll want to search out other people and feel like I'm a weirdo stalker. Generally if i need to be a weirdo stalker I'll just use Google. ;)

I think it would be neat but I don't want to get absorbed into it. I have enough drama in my own life that I have to manage, let alone inviting in more. But admittedly I am curious about some people and have had no way to get into contact with them and maybe they are on the evil facebook.

I know I can pick and choose and have various privacy settings etc etc. Meh.